The “ECOLHE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2023” was organised on 08 June 2023, in Protaras, Cyprus, aiming to discuss the challenges of digital transformation in Higher Education and to present the results of the ECOLHE project. Innovative approaches, focusing on improving and upgrading teachers’ digital competencies, for fostering students’ level of engagement and motivation were presented.

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In recent years, much research has promoted the expansion of e-learning in HE. However, these works show a partial vision of this change, while an overall framework for the online learning innovation processes is absent. They focus mainly on technological aspects, imagining the development of increasingly sophisticated online learning platforms, cognitive processes, or management aspects, such as analytics standards of learning. However, these changes require that Educational Institutions review teaching paradigms, organisation models, leadership styles, management and relations systems, evaluation processes and competencies framework for teaching.

In the current setting, where digitalization of processes is pervasive, Universities should be able to define new languages and ways of communicating and redesign organisational and social spaces, considering the learning and skills life cycle to develop a process in support of professional and personal development projects. The paradigm of the learning society and the changes in the world of work ask Universities to reflect on their role and learning practices in contemporary societies. However, the transformations affecting universities are played out in a multi-actor field that involves many different levels and subjects ranging from the supranational to the local dimension.

The Conference was therefore focused in researching:

  • the evolution of Digital Technologies in HE: from the European vision to the university governance;
  • how universities organize model changes through digital transformation;
  • how universities promote innovation and digital challenge in their processes and learning-teaching activities, or in their teaching and learning processes.

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  • Gregory Makrides European Association of Erasmus Coordinators (EAEC),
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  • Maria Mavromoustakou European Association of Erasmus Coordinators (EAEC),

ECOLHE International Conference Proceedings

ECOLHE (Empower Competences for Onlife Learning in HE) International Conference Proceedings

Table of Contents

Stefania Capogna, Maria Chiara De Angelis, Francesca Greco
Emanuela Proietti
Marc Romero, Montse Guitert, Teresa Romeu, Pablo Baztán
Vassilios Stylianakis, Panagiotis Perivolaris
Giada Marinensi, Matilde di Lallo, Brunella Botte
Paresh Rathod, Pasi Kämppi
Stefania Capogna, Maria Chiara De Angelis, Francesca Greco, Flaminia Musella
Finola McCarthy, Séamus Ó Tuama
Danna Edvige
Gregory Makrides
Ida Cortoni